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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Oct 9, 2019

“Our customers are our most valuable asset,” says Dan Robb, president and CEO of Jonesburg State Bank. “When we see them having trouble getting credit because of regulations that have been put into place, we have to voice that to Congress.”

As incoming chairman of ABA’s Government Relations Council, Robb has a lead role in shaping that voice to Congress. On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by Money Concepts International — Robb discusses the future of the community bank model, top policy priorities for the banking industry in 2020, communicating the importance of FDIC insurance in a new era of disintermediated payments and his approach to advocacy on Capitol Hill.

Robb also discusses how he began his banking career as a local branch maintenance worker 34 years ago — and he chuckles about how, as the CEO of a $100 million community bank with a small staff who wears lots of hats, “I still am that maintenance man from time to time.”