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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Aug 2, 2018

With members of Congress heading home during August, it's a perfect opportunity for bankers to host lawmakers in their banks using ABA's Take Your Lawmaker to Work program. For a little more inspiration, listen to Jennifer Luce's story of building a grassroots advocacy network at her bank. As an EVP at FirstBank, Luce heads the bank's Douglas County, Colorado, market, but she also led the effort to set up FirstBank's internal advocacy committee.

"We already have such great leadership," Luce says. "They advocate so well for our company, for our industry. But if we could maybe take it to that next level, and allow our officers and our managers to advocate for our industry, we could reach so many more people, so many more nonprofit organizations, so many more of our neighbors, and they could understand how important advocacy for banking is."

Luce also discusses advocacy partnerships and training with American Bankers Association and the Colorado Bankers Association, how FirstBank has seen success through hosting state and federal lawmakers for in-branch visits and how FirstBank develops future leaders.