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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Nov 7, 2022

For U.S. businesses, lagging indicators may be at odds with leading indicators like business sentiment. “The headlines we see in the market can sometimes be inconsistent with what we see on the ground,” says Stephen Philipson, head of commercial products at U.S. Bank. On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by Intrafi Network — Philipson discusses findings from U.S. Bank’s 2022 CFO Insights Report, among them:

  • CFOs’ transition from growth mode to risk management mode in 2022.
  • How large and middle-market firms are balancing the pressures of inflation and talent recruitment and retention.
  • Why corporates are stepping back to re-evaluate the role of environmental factors in ESG activities.
  • How banks can design products to address corporates’ concerns on talent, inflation, digital transformation and more.