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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Dec 5, 2018

With the increasing growth of video-conferencing and cloud computing technology, telework is become ever more feasible — and many companies are welcoming it, whether to retain workers who want more flexibility, reduce physical space costs or be more resilient in times of disaster. At the same time, other companies are recalling telecommuters in a bid to build team cohesion and track productivity better.

In this episode, employment law attorney Steve Greene and ABA senior counsel Jonathan Thessin discuss operational and compliance considerations that banks may want to consider before offering or expanding telework options. Greene and Thessin discuss using policies to prevent favoritism, preparing telework agreements for remote workers, handling the data security challenges telework poses to businesses like banks, managing employee overtime and avoiding “hiccups in execution.”

Greene and Thessin also talk about how telework can help banks more attractive to rising generations that report seeking more flexibility in the workplace — and how it might also assist small banks in rural markets attract professionals with specialized skills.