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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Sep 15, 2023

Employee resource groups have become an important part of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies at larger companies. On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — presented by Servbank — two bank leaders explore how the ERGs provided by ABA for bankers to benefit from this kind of resource at banks that may not be large enough to host an ERG in-house.

Among other topics, Latia Coleman and Krys Lassiter, who lead ABA’s Black Bankers ERG for African-American bankers and allies, provide tips on:

  • Creating spaces that help all people feel included, learn, grow and be more authentic.
  • How ERGs can be used at banks of all sizes.
  • Tools and resources offered by ABA’s Black Bankers ERG, including education, DEI best practices, public speaking and mentorship.
  • The importance of allyship in making ERGs successful.