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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Oct 27, 2017

In this week's episode, co-host Evan Sparks sends a dispatch from Denver, interviewing Rich Martinez, president and CEO of the nation's only bank specially designed for children: Young Americans Bank. Evan wrote about Young Americans -- which is marking its 30th anniversary -- earlier this year. In this podcast we dig deeper into:

  • The products and services Young Americans Bank offers, from a $35 small business loan to a credit card with a $100 limit
  • How Young Americans Bank and its associated education programs help kids gain hands-on experience with money and entrepreneurship
  • The unique nonprofit ownership structure of the bank and how regulators got comfortable with the concept
  • The generosity of Bill Daniels, the cable entrepreneur who founded the bank

Finally, Evan wraps up with a discussion of the ABA/ABA Financial Crimes Enforcement Conference and how it reflects the holistic focus on financial crimes that encompasses AML, cyber and fraud.