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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Mar 7, 2019

With consumer losses from phishing scams in 2017 up 375 percent from two years prior, according to FBI data, the ABA Banking Journal Podcast marks National Consumer Protection Week with a bonus episode on phishing. Not only does phishing directly harm consumers, it can often be a vector for costlier frauds like ransomware and business email compromise. Colleen Tressler of the Federal Trade Commission and Corey Carlisle of the ABA Foundation join the podcast to explore resources to help consumers protect themselves from phishers.

Tressler and Carlisle explore the growing sophistication of phishing scams, how consumers should respond if they become a victim and where to report phishing, as well as resources that banks can share with their customers and employees — including a new infographic jointly released by the ABA Foundation and the FTC.