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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

May 22, 2018

Big news: S. 2155 passed the House and is headed to President Trump's desk for his signature. If you're following the American Bankers Association, you've been hearing about this bill for months -- and before it, you've been hearing about ABA's years of efforts to bring regulatory relief to America's banks and their customers.

On this bonus episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast, we talk with ABA Chairman Ken Burgess about the real-world difference S. 2155 will make for his West Texas community bank. ABA President and CEO reflects on the years of grassroots activity -- tens of thousands of lawmaker visits, letters, calls and social media posts -- that built momentum on Capitol Hill for legislation. 

"There's more to do, but we really should celebrate what has been a fantastic victory," says Nichols. "This is a victory for communities, jobs and growth."

Later in the episode, we turn to ABA's top regulatory experts, Wayne Abernathy and Cecelia Calaby, for a closer look at which provisions of S. 2155 take effect immediately and what will require regulatory action first. They also examine other key provisions in the bill and what bankers can expect to change -- and when. 

ABA is offering numerous S. 2155 resources at, including a May 29 webinar on regulatory implementation and an implementation checklist.