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ABA Banking Journal Podcast

Apr 25, 2018

As part of the Government Relations Summit this week, the American Bankers Association has released a host of new resources to help bankers communicate with their customers and lawmakers about the real-world impact of the industry.

On this bonus episode, ABA Chief Communications Officer Peter Cook talks with Evan Sparks about some of these resources and how to use them:

  • A refreshed America's Banks campaign at, with videos and digital storytelling.
  • An interactive U.S. map that -- for the first time -- provides state-by-state figures on banks' impact in terms of jobs, lending and community involvement. 
  • An 8-minute documentary and article that tell the story, using dynamic Denver as a backdrop, of how banks of all sizes come together to support local economic vitality.
  • New polling figures from ABA and Morning Consult on the public's positive view of both banks and the regulatory reform agenda.